Monday, May 17, 2010

I Just Ran...

My day started off with my calves still hurting me from doing the 5K the other day(the hills got to me), but I wanted to run again today.

I started off showing my mom how to run so she could reduce stress on her body. She was having Iliotibial Band problems. She mentioned that they started to come back around mile two, which was much more of an improvement! After it came back she did run/walks and noted that it didn't hurt anymore. Awesome!

So my run... I started out running on some trails. These were gravel trails. They sucked. I really wish I could run these better. I need to practice more.

I moved on and ran on a road I have never ran on before. It was all uphill and and wet in some parts. Luckily I did not get any blisters or encounter any problems. While I was running I didn't check my RunKeeper. I just relaxed and enjoyed the run. Running downhill was worse than uphill. I have tried different strategies for going downhill, but I can't seem to go any faster than the speed I run when I go up hill. I guess things could be worse.

I met up with my parents, walked around for a bit, stretched and went home to drink some Gatorade. What an awesome day!

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