Friday, May 14, 2010

Where The Pain From My First Metatarsal Came From

I was having pain under my first metatarsal after doing my 5K. The pain was in one spot, and only able to be found when I did a massage that involved rolling a tennis ball under my foot.

So, a few days passed, I asked some questions online and iced it. Finally I remembered something...

The Running Barefoot mentioned in the guide for running barefoot to
Gently bend your toes up – this stretches the skin on the sole of the foot, before landing. 
I remembered this line toward the end of my run. My toes were feeling a bit scuffed. I tried lifting my toes, but I over-lifted. I lifted my toe and poked out my metatarsal(kind of like how a knuckle pokes out when you bend your finger toward your hand) and ran that sucker into the ground. It didn't hurt, but I think after a while it caused bruising.

The moral of this story, don't repetitively slam bone into the ground. It hurts.

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