Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Should I Do About Scary Dogs While Running?

I am visiting some friends for a week. After running through their neighborhood I came across three dogs that were unleashed, but appeared to stay close to their yard. One of those dogs barked like crazy at me, chased me a bit(crossing the property line and down the road). Honestly, the dog seemed all bark and no bite, but it is still scary thinking that I may have to punch a dog in the face... yeah... that's whats scary...

So should I beat them or join them? I was told if I pepper-sprayed the dog it would most likely leave me alone, but I personally don't think it's the dogs fault if the owner doesn't cage it. A dog only knows as much as his owner teaches.

I was also considering giving it a treat, so when it sees me run it will salivate at the treat rather than at me. Would this reward for bad behavior really be a big deal?

If I lived here I would call the owners, but since its for such a short period of time I'm not going to bother. There are leash laws, but most people don't bother since it is a smaller neighborhood.

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  1. Treats usually work if fear is unavoidable. Something else to try - volunteer at a dog shelter. Get used to being around a lot of cranky dogs. You'll learn to act like the boss, which most dogs will respect.

    Good luck!