Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am planning on doing a 5k this Friday, barefoot! It will be my first 5k in about 6 years and my first overall completely barefoot.

I have been running barefoot for 3 weeks. I have built up to the 5k over these weeks. I am satisfied with my form, and I do not have any overwhelming pains that I can't run through. I do not want any pains during the 5k, so I was considering not running at all until the 5k. The last 5k I ran I gave myself 3 days to heal prior to it, and it felt great. My form was the best it's ever been and I felt totally comfortable. My feet weren't all scuffed up and the only pain I had was along my metatarsals, specifically my first, fourth, and fifth at varying times, and like I said it isn't bad.

So does my plan sound like it will be okay? Will resting help me in the 5k or hurt me?

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