Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I realized I have had a lot more success if I rest between runs. It allows time for my muscles to heal and my poor feet. I still have a burn mark on the bottom of my foot, but it doesn't hurt. It just looks and feels weird.

I decided to go a different route today, avoiding the mean dogs. The route was more flat, but I was able to put the most mileage on. I ran to the end of the road and back. Here's my run. All in all it was 2.87 miles. I am almost to that 5K point. I hope to keep improving so the 5k I want to run in June will be easy.

My heels kind of hurt, but I think that it is okay. Before I was babying them, now I am introducing them to a little more stress. I am starting to find my balance in barefoot running and I hope I can heal up in the next few days so I can do it again.

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