Monday, May 10, 2010

Yahoola Creek Happiness

Today I ran at Yahoola Creek. It was by far the easiest run to date, as well as the fastest and longest! I wanted to run a 5K route that my dad made, but I modified it slightly toward the end.

Throughout the run my foot only hurt a little in the spot that I burned a while ago. The skin is still growing in. I checked my feet a few times and they actually looked better than they did before I started running! I hope I have found my form.

My only complaint is some slight soreness on my 5th metatarsal on my right foot. I think it is just due to me putting it to use.

I intend on running tomorrow with my mom, we'll see how that goes. It is raining now, so if the roads are still wet I may have to reschedule. Moisture + new feet = blisters.

All-in-all I am proud of my success so far. I have been reading Christopher McDougall's Born To Run, which has been a great inspiration! I hope I can keep up my running and enjoy myself as much as the Terahumara.

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