Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Slightly Painful Trail Run

Today I ran around Zwerner Lake. I didn't do the lap because I don't feel comfortable running next to the road. Let me just say, my feet are not accustomed to trail running. I have only ran this trail barefoot one other time, but I didn't run as far as I only did the one lap.

So, the pain mostly came from the rocks and stuff that I had to run over. When I came home I found some wear on the tips of my toes, probably from digging in to get up hills.

By the time I was at the half way point I was a bit thirsty, but encouraged myself to keep going. By the time I was 3/4 the way done, I was in zombie mode. I was thirsty, tired, and hungry, but I still managed to take this picture at one of my favorite creek crossings on the trail.

On the way back the muddy spots were EXCELLENT! It was a great reward.

I got back to my car, drank some water, and started driving. I pulled up to the end of the parking lot and realized I needed to calm down and drink some water. I backed up, turned up the AC, then relaxed.

It was an awesome run!