Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Run/Walk At Yahoola Creek

I try not to train every day, especially since I have just started running barefoot and am trying not to hurt myself or do too much too soon.

My mother and I were supposed to be run/walking a 5k at Yahoola Creek Park. I ran right next to her, letting her keep her pace. She doesn't go as fast as I do, which worked out fine, since I was trying to take it easy.

She is having trouble with her illio-tibial band(she thinks), which is causing her pain all throughout her left leg and somewhat higher up. She was pretty miserable and couldn't run or even walk as much as she wanted. We went 1.82 miles and decided to call it quits. She didn't want to hurt herself and I didn't really want to do 5k anyway, so it was fine.

My feet are holding up pretty good. I am having some pain under my right leg's metatarsals, specifically my first one. There is one tiny spot on it that if I squeeze, it hurts. Hopefully it is just my body getting used to the new stress I am putting on it.

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